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Is the UAG phone cases.. actually worth it?

Today, we are reviewing the Urban Armour Gear “Monarch” phone case. When our editor picked up a Galaxy S8, the first-thing that came to mind was “protection form drops”. Let’s face it, everyone drops their phone. Your heart skips a beat when your $800 device falls face down to the sidewalk.

Now, the top 3 cell-phone case companies appear to be OtterBox, ranking 1st. LifeProof, ranking 2nd. And Urban Armour Gear (or UAG) appears to be 3rd. After looking at the availability of cases upon the pre-launch date, it was clear only OtterBox and UAG had cases available.

The major downfall of OtterBox, was their prices stayed the same at $59.99 – but they removed the screen protector. In addition, they took away the 3-layer protection which is commonly found on the previous Galaxy’s and iPhone’s.

The UAG phone case is a solid-piece, of hard plastic. The case itself has passed the Military Standard drop test, double. This would be the MIL STD 810G and 516.6

26 drops from 4 feet

After dropping the phone a few time by accident, the phone has held up pretty well. There is a hairline scratch (not a crack) on the screen, but this could have been from sliding it in and out of a pant-pocket or putting keys in the same pocket.

The tactical-buttons allow for gripping very well, and easy to use with gloves on. Whether it’s nitrile (exam gloves) or mechanic gloves (thin and thick), you can feel every button!

There is a 10-year limited warranty by UAG. Overall, this case is still rocking on and is solid like a rock!

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