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A new device allows for a safer emergency response


Driving an emergency vehicle is no easy task. The job gets even more dangerous when drivers will not yield to the right-of-way or are playing on a cell phone. Several companies have engineered a new device to allow for even a safer response.

The device in question is the Abrams Quackler-2. The Quackler is a low-frequency siren system that can take any siren or electronic airhorn and amplify it into a dual-speaker setup and actually lower the frequency. By lowering the frequency of the siren sound, it can be put to specially-engineer speakers that will vibrate the ground and any vehicles/pedestrians within the 300-foot radius of the emergency vehicle. This clears intersections and moves distracted drivers off of the roads with ease.

This system allows for a safer response of fire, EMS, and police officials when motorists do not see the lights behind them or hear the sirens due to loud music or a sound-proof vehicle. By vibrating the vehicle, they will feel the vehicle shake which will get their attention along with seeing the light behind them.

In the state of Pennsylvania, any fire apparatus, ambulance, or police car are allowed to use this device. Volunteer firefighters (blue lights) can also equip their vehicle with a Quackler-2 as long as they only use an electronic air horn and NOT a regular siren.

Installation is very quick and simple and allows any vehicle a simple ease of installation. All products can be purchased through the AbramsMFG.com website, or by clicking on the image below! The price is only $349.99


An installation video is available as well!

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