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Featured Product Review

New device from Lemur Light aims to help save first responders

Lemur Lights Product Review

Butler Dispatch has been working with a small company called Lemur Light to demo and review a new product entering the emergency responder market, along with the tow operator and survivalist sections. This new device is aimed at helping gain advance warning for emergency scenes while providing the necessary portable candlelight power of pure LED’s to get work done!

Durable and long-lasting materials!

The Taylor Edition is a strong ABS-plastic container which houses an expensive Duracell 12V battery inside, with a complete moisture-proof barrier. In addition, a 2,000 lumen LED spot light is on top which folds flat, and swivels side to side to provide lighting wherever you may need. On the back is a SAE-certified emergency light in numerous colors which offers 10 flash patterns!

Lemur Lights Taylor Edition

This new device is available online at LemurLights.com and on Facebook as well!

Lemur Lights Product Review

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