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Why you should avoid the Butler Eagle and it’s partners

This post is relating to several key items, including the Butler Eagle, Ron Vodenichar, and the Butler Radio Network. This post is being written by Butler Dispatch LLC, and not an individual. This post also falls under “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Press”, cease and desist letters will not be answered as this is an anonymous editorial, and journalists have a right to protect who submitted the story. This story will also contain opinion-based content.

Butler Eagle

The Butler Eagle is the local newspaper for Butler County, and is a “family-owned” business from the “Wise’s”. Well, this is less than the family-owned atmosphere while working here. The Eagle pays children less than an “average” amount to deliver a dying newspaper in 20-degree temperatures. In addition, they falsely advertise you can make “tips” when most of the time, the clients you deliver to never tip you. Not to mention the back and shoulder issues you may develop within 15-years or more. However, this section is more sanctioned towards the Butler Eagle and not the child-labor they prey on.

The Butler Eagle races to emergency scenes to try and gather pictures of horrible scenes and publish this graphic material long-before family or “next of kin” are notified that their loved one(s) passed away. While reading comments on Facebook, it has happened before that a family found out their loved one died on Facebook DUE TO the Butler Eagle publishing a photo of a wreck.

And there are no respect or morals here. While someone’s home is burning up, the Eagle sends reporters their begging for info and a photo or interview to make a story. No worries though, you can pick up a copy of the story tomorrow for a mere $0.75 while you’re grieving your loss of others.

Not to mention that the Eagle likes to posts stories already published by other, freelance journalists.

Ron Vodenichar

Ron is the manager at the Butler Eagle, and let us say, Ron, is not a very pleasant guy to work with. On Facebook, Ron has called woman sexist-names before, screenshots can be found online on various pages. The man also targets freelance-journalists who are trying to make a living. Now, we understand the Eagle has been in Butler for many years, but this does not give Ron the right to bash others online who are writing an article.

For example, if we heard about a house fire happening in Butler City at the same time as the Butler Eagle, Ron believes that no one is allowed to cover the same story. He believes in his imaginary world that if the Eagle writes about a story first, then others who cover the same story are committing copyright infringement. Not only is this untrue fully, but if you happen to use the words “the” or use the same time as the 911 call in your article, expect a hell-storm from Mr. Vodenichar

This man also happens to go online to compare freelance blogs to a local gossip/rumor site – Butler News and Butler Citizen. But not only does he bash the freelancers, he allows a 4-time convicted felon copy/paste (a.k.a. plagiarism) the Butler Eagle stories. Fully, word for word.

Butler Radio Network

There has been a large rumor circulating online that the Butler Eagle and Butler Radio Network are working together to “take down” any freelancer who pops up online. Not only does this partake seem true after 2017 events hosted in Butler City, but, they all have the same agenda. To get rid of the new outlets in Butler County.

In 2017, the Butler Radio Network issued a “cease and desist” letter to a freelance journalist in Butler County. However, not only did the BRN claim to own images that they clearly didn’t, they even went further to have an official attorney sign the C&D. Their attorney is no other than Lutz and Pawk at the Morgan Center, right down the street from them. And only a few doors down from the Butler Eagle.

In 2017, local events were sponsored by the same two outlets. Butler Eagle and the Butler Radio Network. This is funny because why would 2 “competitors” sponsor the same event, and have their logo next to each other? This is a sneak-attack to subliminally get rid of the freelancers, how odd.

As a funny side note, the BRN received a C&D a few days letter from the same freelancer who was “supposedly stealing copyrighted images”. BRN quickly removed all of the freelancer’s photo’s, and has yet to proceed further with their “legal action”. And do not worry Vicki Hinterberger (President and GM at BRN) if you are reading, this editorial was submitted by an anonymous individual and does not contain any false info, so you can keep your fake C&D’s at “Lutz and Pawk” because we have a right to freely publish stories and to keep anonymity of our supporters.

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