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Butler Dispatch LLC set to comeback; exposing the truth

Butler Dispatch Developing Story

Butler Dispatch LLC is scheduled to have a “comeback” in the Butler County region. This time, the truth will be aired about the consistent harassment received from the Butler Eagle and Butler Radio Network, along with local government officials regarding the money-filled pockets of the local media.

This comeback will fall under the 1st amendment right of “Freedom of Speech” along with “Freedom of Press”. Threats received from these future posts will not be tolerated and will be forwarded to necessary authoritative positions to review. We will respect peoples wishes, along with anonymity.

The local politicians have likely held their position for a while, made quite a few more friends than enemies, and here is where we will expose the truth about what truly happens behind closed doors.

Join Butler Dispatch LLC, hence the word LLC – as a company and not an individual with protected rights and assets, as this is our only property, our website.

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