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Butler County Humane Society breaking hearts and bank accounts

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that the Butler County Humane Society was on TV? Our editors can predict another broadcast will occur soon enough because of the business practices occuring at the facility. This is an editorial sent to us.

As you walk in, you are overwhelmed by the smell of bleach. In some areas, it’s hard to even breathe. The staff seem mostly nice at the front counter, but the kennel caretakers almost seem as if you are bothering them during their busy day.

BUTLER COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY HOLDS PET HOSTAGE: http://www.wpxi.com/news/top-stories/good-samaritan-helps-family-pay-fee-to-claim-dog-from-humane-society/622237987

The dogs and cats seemed to be happy and playful, but the beds were broken on some. Much like sleeping on a hard floor, huh? And yes, there were new beds in the supply closet as you entered the back kennel.

After you find a playful partner to adopt, you are informed they will have to complete a full background check on you, your family, and address. Not to mention a likely home inspection.

As you complete the entrance application, the staff forgot to mention that they hold all applications till an animal receives 3 or more families wanting to adopt that furry friend. So yes, an animal may be there over a month while they wait for applications to build up to break the hearts of unsuspecting families.

Don’t worry, if you don’t end up with a broken heart, you’ll end up with a broken checking account. Mysterious fees are added on when you go to adopt. You have to pay for the microchip, the spay/neuter, food, kennel space, staff, and more. Not to metion a mandatory collar and leash you must buy there that is extremely over priced.

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