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Butler Hospital staff tell residents the flu remains deadly

With the influenza epidemic on the rise, so are cases in Butler County. According to official reports, there are over 600 confirmed cases in our county, with hundreds if not thousands more without confirmation. According to the Infectious Disease department at our local hospital, the director stated the disease remains deadly.

The director spoke to a local non-partnered news source earlier. He told the reporters the flu is potentially life-threatening. Even though the young and elderly are most at risk, perfect-health persons have died from the flu this year. The flu is quick and sudden symptoms show.

He concluded by saying the flu comes on quick and hits the person’s body hard. If you can pinpoint the exact time you felt you were getting sick, then it is the flu.

Editor’s Note: Several days ago I felt sick. I woke up the morning of the East Brady Street fire to go capture video for CBS/KDKA News when all of a sudden I felt chills, got dizzy, and was extremely nauseous. The night prior I had a sore throat and was tired. That morning it felt like the flu fully.

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