About Us

Butler Dispatch

Founded in 2014, Butler Dispatch started originally as the Facebook page of the “Butler County, PA 911 Notifications“. The Facebook page grew largely within the first few months. Within the first year, the page became the largest Facebook page in Butler County, PA.

Shortly at the end of 2016, the “Butler County, PA 911 Notifications” page merged into “Butler Social”. Butler Social lasted for a few months until a 2nd name change occurred to become “Butler County News”. After several local discrepancies from several smaller news outlets, the decision to form the company as “Butler Dispatch” was agreed upon.

Butler Dispatch operates on their website, 2 of their Facebook pages, along with a Twitter account and Instagram account.

Butler Dispatch also owns the Pennsylvania Weather Authority, an online forecasting website. In addition, the Butler County Weather Authority is also owned by Butler Dispatch.

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